Turn Your Bathroom into a Private Getaway with Bathtub Refinishing Service

Discover the difference porcelain tub refinishing can make to your Longview, Lufkin or Tyler, TX home

Is your bathtub looking faded or worn? Are you tired of the dingy tile around your tub? It's time to schedule bathtub refinishing services from Advanced Tub Repair. Our team can completely refinish your tub and tile so they gleam like new.

Contact us now to get a free estimate on acrylic, marble, fiberglass or porcelain tub refinishing services in the Longview, Lufkin or Tyler, TX area.

When could you benefit from refinishing?

You should consider getting bathtub refinishing services when:

  • Your tub looks old, dingy or outdated
  • You want to save money on a full replacement
  • You want to make a change without scrapping your tub
  • You want your tub to match your new paint color
  • You want your tub to last for years to come


Don't spend a fortune on a new tub when you can just refinish your current one. Call 903-780-7220 today to schedule acrylic, marble, fiberglass or porcelain tub refinishing services.


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